GRANTE Antenna Fejlesztő és Gyártó Zrt.


Microwave Antennas

Outdoor radio units from several manufacturers can be mounted directly on high-power antennas.

Passive Devices and Accessories

The combination of hybrids and orthomode transducers results in many radio systems that are true no-compromise solutions for critical applications.


The basic concept of camouflage is to create completely invisible microwave links.

Measurement Systems

Compact systems for indoor testing of microwave links.
About us

Our company history started in 1993

but the evolution of the company’s products and manufacturing culture began much earlier…

Why Choose Us?

Let's grow together! Development and manufacturing in one place.

 Countless good and marketable ideas remain unrealised because product design, possibly grants, finding investors, preparing prototypes and series production, preparing documentation, etc., are too much of a task for individual entrepreneurs and start-ups.

With the help of our engineers, specialists and network of contacts, we are happy to work with any company that contacts us. Services


How We Work

 We are happy to take on contract work from abroad and at home, for which we can provide design services on demand, production optimisation assistance, as well as provide the necessary material sourcing.


We flexibly and efficiently assess our clients' needs and prepare a feasibility study.


Thanks to our efficient development and innovation capabilities, we develop an average of 60-70 new products every year.

Final product

We develop customised products according to your needs, which are used successfully by our customers.

We are open to opportunities!

For decades, our specialists have been developing our products according to the needs of the market, and we have been able to produce a large number of products that meet specific requirements and are used successfully by our customers.